Late, Late at Night

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Rick Springfield

It’s literally late, late at night. All the kids are sleeping and I put this blog together today because I felt compelled to do so after reading Rick Springfield’s “Late, Late at Night” memoir and finding myself sea51IkNhwwRbL._SL500_rching through the Internet to find the songs in the book – both those that I sang along to countless times when I was younger and those that I wasn’t familiar with. I was surprised that I still remembered so many of the lyrics to songs from his earlier albums, back when my bedroom walls were covered with Rick Springfield posters and I’d listen to the albums over and over again (long before CDs). This blog is dedicated to my 13-year-old self who would have totally done something like this had blogs, YouTube and the Internet existed at the time. And also to Rick Springfield for many years of great music! (And thanks to all the wonderful Rick Springfield fans who have brought all these resources to said blogs and YouTube videos so I could find them!) It’s based on Rick Springfield’s memoir “Late, Late at Night” and provides links to the songs in the book, presented by chapter.


Glendale, California, 1980

First paid acting role as a Roller Derby skater on the ’70s show “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Demos brought to the RCA meeting: “Easy to Cry“, “Television” and “Love is Alright Tonight

Inside Sylvia

I’ve Done Everything for You

“Jessie’s Girl”

General Hospital

Living in Oz: 1960

First recording session: “Billy’s Bikey Boys” by Wickedy Wak.

Joins Zoot. One of the songs they play is The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. Catchy stuff, like “1x2x3x4.” Here’s one more, “Hey Pinky.”

In hospital: 1970-1972


Rick Springfield’s first solo hit: “Speak to the Sky

A video from that time, “Hooky Joe

The story behind the song, “Alyson,” which is on the album Living in Oz.

London/New York/Hollywood: 1972-1975


Speak to the Sky”

The Unhappy Ending

What Would the Children Think?

Guest on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

Star of the TV cartoon “Mission: Magic,” where he got to write some pop songs, such as  “Love is the Key

Comic Book Heroes

Why Are You Waiting?” (about fail of failure)

Misty Water Woman” (about dead woman coming back to life)

Weep No More” (about young girls getting pregnant out of wedlock)

The Liar” (about a girl caught up in drugs)

Born Out of Time” (about Greta Garbo)

(In “Late, Late at Night,” Rick Springfield calls the songs from “Comic Book Heroes” “more light teenage fare that the twelve-year-old readers of 16 Magazine can readily identify with”). Ha, love that tongue-in-cheek humor.

San Fernando Valley: 1978

Wait for Night

Take a Hand

Guest star roles on various ’70s TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, The Rockford Files, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Nancy Drew Mysteries

Old Gangstsers Never Die” on American Bandstand.

Opposite Ends of the Earth: L.A. and Australia: 1981

Working Class Dog

I’ve Done Everything For You

Jessie’s Girl

April 24th, 1981

On the Road: The ’80s

I’ve Done Everything For You

Love is Alright Tonite

Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet

Don’t Talk to Strangers

What Kind of Fool Am I?

I Get Excited

April 24th, 1981

Around the World in 80 Weeks: 1984-1985

Living In Oz

Looking at his past: “Alyson,” “Me and Johnny,” “Like Father, Like Son

How he’s dealing with fame: “Motel Eyes,” “Living in Oz, “Human Touch

And how it’s all affecting his relationship with his fiancee (who is now his wife): “I Can’t Stop Hurting You,” “Affair of the Heart

Hard to Hold

Love Somebody


My Father’s Chair

Celebrate Youth

State of the Heart

Dance This World Away

Bop ’til You Drop

Malibu: 1986-1989

Honeymoon in Beirut

Rock of Life

Rock of Life

World Start Turning