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Glendale, California, 1980

First paid acting role as a Roller Derby skater on the ’70s show “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Demos brought to the RCA meeting: “Easy to Cry“, “Television” and “Love is Alright Tonight

Inside Sylvia

I’ve Done Everything for You

“Jessie’s Girl”

General Hospital

San Fernando Valley: 1978

Wait for Night

Take a Hand

Guest star roles on various ’70s TV shows such as Battlestar Galactica, The Rockford Files, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Nancy Drew Mysteries

Old Gangstsers Never Die” on American Bandstand.

TV movies of the week

High Tide” TV series

Las Vegas: 2000-2002

Guest stars on “Suddenly Susan.”

EFX Alive at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas; and one night he falls from more than 25 feet above the stage.

Back Home: 2003-2006


“I Don’t Want Anything From You

Your Psychopathic Mother

Jesus Saves

Every Night I Wake Up Screaming

A comment from Rick in the book about this album: “It’s pretty obvious what the overall vibe and energy of the new record is.”

Return to “General Hospital

The Day After Yesterday


Broken Wings


Home 2010

Venus in Overdrive

Venus in Overdrive


God Blinked

What’s Victoria’s Secret?

My Precious Little One – a CD of lullabies he wrote for his sons when they were young

Don’t Keep the Sandman Waiting




I’m reading his new novel “Magnificent Vibration” now and looking forward to more songs and books!