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London/New York/Hollywood: 1972-1975


Speak to the Sky”

The Unhappy Ending

What Would the Children Think?

Guest on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

Star of the TV cartoon “Mission: Magic,” where he got to write some pop songs, such as  “Love is the Key

Comic Book Heroes

Why Are You Waiting?” (about fail of failure)

Misty Water Woman” (about dead woman coming back to life)

Weep No More” (about young girls getting pregnant out of wedlock)

The Liar” (about a girl caught up in drugs)

Born Out of Time” (about Greta Garbo)

(In “Late, Late at Night,” Rick Springfield calls the songs from “Comic Book Heroes” “more light teenage fare that the twelve-year-old readers of 16 Magazine can readily identify with”). Ha, love that tongue-in-cheek humor.